I have been busy in my exams
Now a days I m not feeling good regarding my health conditions
Thats why i was out and Couldnt publish even a single Alphabet
But now i m back with new Zeal and Zest…
In the Past Days
14th August
was the Independence Day and My Birth Day
that I celebrated Just with “H”
SHE cares for me to such and extent that
even i was feeling ashamed being in her company as I couldnt wish her birthday on 11th July and I wished to God that it may happen that she doesnt wish me My Birth Day
But she behaved as Nothing happened and Her birth day wasnt as important as that of Mine…
I m repenting on my blunder of not wishing her so much that I feel ashemd saying that
I love her more than anyone else on this earth( as Mom is there in Heavens)